Sunday, 21 September 2008

witty title here... miss insanity is feeling anti-american?

Quote Of The Day

I used to think that the brain was the most important organ in my body- then I remembered who was telling me this!

--Emo Philips (Comedian)

Miss Insanity's Link Of The Day

Why Americans Should Never Be Able To Travel

I have nothing against Americans, but that link is funny.

Miss Insanity's Ramble Of The Day


Today I have nothing particularly inspiring to talk about. (big suprise, because I am SUCH a creative person... cough.)

So I decided to use my 'Stumble' toolbar to go through a few other blogs for inspiration.

I didn't have much luck.

So, I gave up after a bit.

Eventually, I decided to discuss this funny page I found. I guess this is 'ramble' should really be 'Miss Insanity's Extra Link Of The Day With Rambling'.


Here is the link. I seem to be very anti-american today, don't I? Woops. Aww, Americans, I love you really. Apart from the fact that I can't ever do anything on the internet because everything is based around your timezone. Grr.

Anyway. I'd ask you some questions about this, but I don't have anyone to ask, so this is pretty much pointless.

Oh well.

If anyone ever reads this:

Do you think it's funny, or just mean? (I'd personally go with funny and tut at people who take it too seriously. The terrorism jokes may be taking it too far though. But you won't read this if I'm nice. I have to be interesting, don't I?)

Do you ever laugh out loud? Or are you more of a mysterious smile person? Can anyone make you smile? Because I know people who don't laugh. They're scary. And this is irrelevant to the website.

This has been a not-very-witty-blog-post by Miss Insanity (But not her Dad.)

1 comment:

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

We laugh out loud!! And the Travel jokes were lauhoutloudable! So were the the graphics!! People are silly!
Very clever post!
Your FL furiends,