Thursday, 25 September 2008

Very Quick Post

Quote Of The Day

It is wonderful how quickly you get used to things, even the most astonishing.

--Edith Nesbitt
Miss Insanity's Link Of The Day

Here you go

Miss Insanity's (Very quick!) ramble of the day


Kidding! It's not THAT quick. But I really have nothing to say today, so I guess I'll make something up. I have to be fast because I have to leave for school soon, and realised that I won't be able to do my post this evening because I have a friend coming round.


It's a very foggy day today- and I'm wondering if this ever effects anyone's mood when they go to work/school? It may not be a conscious thought, however. I think it does affect me.

That really WAS quick. (If I hadn't had the useless first paragraph, it'd be reallly short.)


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Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

You find some really cool links!! Mom doesn't draw, but she likes to doodle!